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Famed Country Music Star Torches Naysayers With One Comment After She Falls Under Fire For One Parenting Tactic

January 31, 2019

It seems like nowadays, you can’t say anything online without sparking controversy in one way or another. It’s the age of overly opinionated individuals who coyingly hide behind computer screens and spew hatred toward anyone who doesn’t directly align with their views or beliefs.

This is particularly true when it comes to celebrities. With the dawn of social media, celebs of all sorts became a bit more attainable to the “general public.” We instantly gained a deeper insight into their personal lives, which could be a good thing, but many people have chosen to spoil it by their brash, hate-filled comments.

One celeb recently has fallen into the line of fire for something seemingly simple - the way she and her husband parent their newborn son. Eight weeks ago, country music star, Jana Kramer, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy with her husband, Michael Caussin.

Like many celebs, she tastefully documents her day-to-day highlights with her little family, showing just how truly happy and content they collectively are. Little did she know that one simple post would land her in such hot water with haters.

On January 30, Kramer posted a picture of her little baby on Instagram. She captioned the image: “Happy 2 months my little ladies man! How has it been 2 months already?!?! He currently is sleeping 7 hours at night. He loves smiling, pooping, eating, and crying. (We are sleep training him using baby wise.) What methods did you mommas use?”

Seems simple and innocent enough, right? Well, apparently that, alone, was enough to ruffle the feathers of many viewers. Shortly after posting this, Kramer was flooded with hate-filled comments and messages about her “poor” choice of parenting methods.

As any good mama bear would do, she didn’t just sit back and take it. She soon took to her Instagram Stories to defend her family. “Alright trolls. I’m talking to you guys,” she began her rant.

“We do not let him scream and cry...When he cries, we feed him, okay? And if it’s not time for him to eat yet, we give him a wubbie…So get off my page. Stop being trolly. We’re taking very good care of our baby. He looks pretty happy to me.”

This, in itself, was a scalding comeback no one saw coming. It didn’t end there, though. Her husband also stepped to the scene to set the record straight and support his wife. “Back off! Leave us alone. Do you, let us do us!” Kramer finished off the rant by stating, “Do you, boos. We’re doing us.”

What do you think of this? Do you agree that it is quite uncalled for to virtually mom-shame and bully others online like this simply because their methods or practices don’t particularly align with yours?

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