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Internet Blasts Young Reality Star Mom For Feeding Her Family ‘Horrifying’ Dish. Her Response Only Fueled The Fire

August 08, 2018

Social media is quite a double-edged sword. For many, it’s a place where they can post things to inspire others, such as tips, ideas, recipes, and sentiments of encouragements. The way things are this day and age, though, every single thing that makes its way online is under microscopic scrutiny.

Those who have a significant platform seem to attract this kind of attention more so than others. Reality star mom, Jill (Duggar) Dillard, happens to have found herself in this situation yet again, and the “trolling” isn’t seeming to slow down anytime soon.

Jill, most noted for her role in the TLC series 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, uses her social media accounts to show the day-to-day activities she and her family encounter. She and husband, Derick, have two sons together, Israel and Samuel.

On Twitter, she recently posted a salad dressing recipe that she and her family adore. Little did she know that she’d catch more flack for it than anything else for her “horrifying” post.


She wrote: “The Voeller family visited my family many years ago and made many delicious, healthy dishes. This is one we really love. It goes well on salads, potatoes, pasta, and more!”

Seems innocent enough, right?

Well, Twitter users from around the globe flocked to comment on it, namely pointing out that it was dreadfully unhealthy.


The recipe consists of the following ingredients: 1 c. light olive oil, 2 tsp. Dijon mustard, 2 T. Bragg’s liquid aminos, tamari, or soy sauce, 2 T. honey, 2 T. lemon juice, 1 T. thyme, ½ t. pepper.


Some of the comments she received were slurs such as, “You should take a nutrition class at your community college. Break the cycle.” It was an obvious jab at her family and the food she grew up eating.


Another said: “Soy sauce ruins it. You Duggars just love your sodium.”

Yet another said, “Better check your cholesterol after eating that. It’s a heart attack waiting to happen with these recipes.”


Thankfully, a few users came to her aid. One, in particular, stated: “If you read the recipe, it called for Bragg’s liquid aminos, which is a low sodium healthy option. Soy sauce is another option if you don’t have the Bragg’s.”

Her response was the best part. She continued on without a second thought to the ill-intended backlash she received. She’s made a conscious effort to incorporate more healthy recipes into her foods and, while some may not fully agree with every choice she’s made, she stands firmly with her decisions.


What do you think about this? Do you think it’s over-the-top for her to receive such hate over a simple salad dressing?