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Found Huddled Next To His Dead Sister, Chili Was In Dire Straits. Filthy, Malnourished, And Riddled With Infection, His Fate Was Sealed Until Someone Heard His Pitiful Cries And Came To The Rescue

November 02, 2018

To meet Joan Bowell you’d never guess that you were in the presence of an angel in disguise. Yet, that is exactly what she is. This selfless woman spends her days rescuing stray and abandoned cats who have nowhere else to turn.

One day, when she was outside feeding some of her cats, Joan heard a pitiful sound coming from a nearby field. She couldn’t tell what it was but, from the sound of its furtive cry, she knew that someone or something was in trouble.

Without wasting any time, she followed the distressing alarm until she came upon a sight that was almost too sad to bear.

There, among the tall bamboo was the tiniest kitten she had ever seen. The frightened feline wasn’t alone, but the sibling that was beside him had already succumbed to the wretched conditions.

Upon closer inspection, Joan discovered that the little darling that had survived was in terrible shape. He was so small, weak, and malnourished that it was a wonder that he was still alive. The worst thing, though, was that he had an eye infection that was so bad his eyes were stuck shut.

Looking all around for signs of a mama cat, Joan was dismayed to conclude that she was nowhere to be found. With that, she scooped up the little waif and took him back home with her to see if she could help him.

Joan did her best to clean up the filthy feline, then gave him some food and put him to bed in a cozy box with a hot water bottle to warm him up. Only time would tell if this would be enough to alter the unfortunate course Chili had been on.

In less than a day, Chili was able to open his eyes and it appeared that he had turned a corner. Next, it was time to meet his new sisters, Vanilla and Cannoli who were other strays that Joan had rescued. Having them by his side did wonders for his spirit.

Over time, and after overcoming every single challenge that came his way, Chili was able to regain his strength and his fighting spirit. Now, he is just as big as this kitty siblings and has turned into a handsome, loving, playful pal.

Joan is overjoyed at Chili’s transformation and is proud to be his mom. Thanks to her bountiful compassion and unwavering determination, Chili the teeny tiny orphaned kitten has overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and is living the kind of life every creature, whether man or beast, is meant to live.

To see more of Chili’s uplifting story, just click on the video, below.

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