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Mom Urges Her 8YO Daughter To Crawl Under A Train So She Wouldn’t Miss School Bus. Only Seconds Later, Her Worst Nightmare Happens

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December 21, 2018

Joy Frances Collins, 44, of Fresno, California, was arrested Monday, December 17th, after the most horrific incident of her life took place.

Joy was with her two children, eight-year-old daughter, Joyanna, and nine-year-old son (name has been removed for privacy), were running to catch the school bus.

PEOPLE reports that the family was almost to the bus stop when their path was blocked by a long train. The train parked in front of them remained parked for what they had imagined would be a while. Out of fear of being late for the bus, Joy urged her children to crawl underneath the bus.


First, the nine-year-old brother crawled under the tracks in hopes. Next, his little sister followed. He managed to scurry through the tracks and the train in no time, however, his sister took longer.

Joy heard the train begin to start up again and began screaming at her daughter. “Hurry up!” She yelled.

Almost instantly, the train jerked forward- snagging the little girl and dragging her more than 500 feet. Joyanna died instantly.


According to Fresno police chief, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, this was not the first time the children were instructed to crawl under the parked train in order to make the bus. During the press conference, he said this case was very difficult for everyone involved- including the mother.


This case needs to be handled as a crime, regardless of the pain that the mother, Joy, is experiencing right now. Cheif Dryer added, “A mother placed her daughter in a position where she could be seriously injured or killed, and that’s what we have to look at. We have a responsibility to hold that person accountable.”

Please keep this family in your prayers. The moment that it happened must have been devastating to witness. Please pray for the little brother who survived and for the Joy as well. 

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