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Roseanne’s TV Hubby Gets Brutally Candid About Beleaguered Star, Sharing A Shocking Secret That Her Detractors Don't Want You To Hear

July 03, 2018

As disgraced TV star, Roseanne Barr suffers the humiliation and public shunning over an ill-advised comment on social media, co-stars and other 'friends' continue to distance themselves from her. To hear their vitriol-laden comments all over the internet you'd think that Barr was the devil incarnate.

But when word leaked out about another side of the vilified comedian, it has not been given much press. Now, in an effort to present a balanced view of the controversy, it seemed only fair to bring up something that just might shock a lot of people.

Many fans are aware that Roseanne's TV hubby, John Goodman had a difficult battle with substance abuse, primarily alcohol, during the time in which the original sit-com was filmed. He admits that his behavior during that time was unprofessional, irresponsible, and he deserved to be fired. "He remembers drinking on set and slurring his lines."

When his difficulties with alcohol came to the attention of Roseanne, who had creative control of the show, her response made the difference between life and death for the struggling star. While she may have had every right to do to John what was done to her recently, that is not the case at all.

"Roseanne Barr proved to be a true friend to Goodman when she began noticing his drinking." She encouraged him to get help and assured him that he would keep his job as long as he managed to show up and do what was expected of him. "She was scared for me, but she was more confrontational," Goodman said.

In Goodman's own words, "It was getting to be too much. It was 30 years of a disease that was taking its toll on everyone around me. It was life or death. It was time to stop."

In 2007 with the full support of his TV wife, John entered rehab. Now, with ten years of sobriety under his belt, he looks back on what Roseanne did for him when he was at his lowest, saying that he is extremely grateful that she expressed her concern when she did.

He's convinced that, without Roseanne's friendship, he would not have survived.

When John got the call to come back for the 'Roseanne' re-boot, he looked at it as an opportunity "to right the wrong of the past." Now, with the cancellation of the original reboot, and the ouster of his biggest cheerleader, Roseanne, Goodman once again has to face an uncertain future.

If the spin-off, 'The Connors" takes off, he just might have the chance to do what he said he wanted to do. He'll just have to find another way to show Roseanne his gratitude since she will no longer be on the show.

To learn more about John Goodman's triumph over his battle with alcohol and how Roseanne made all the difference, watch the video, below.


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