Judge Judy Let's Dog Loose In Court Room To Find Out The Real Owner. What Dogs Does Next Shocks Everyone

August 16, 2017

Judge Judy Sheindlin is best known for her hit show, Judge Judy. She is usually hard and harsh but not today. A man has taken a woman to court claiming she has his dog, Baby Boy.

After some questioning between the two parties, Judge Judy had had enough. She asked to have the dog brought in. The dog is only one that can tell the truth. Judge Judy tell the woman to put the dog on the ground and with his tail wagging, he heads over to his real owner, the man.

The woman claims she bought the dog for $50 on the street. The dog had clearly been stolen or found and someone decided to make a profit off of the man's missing dog. Unfortunate for her, the dog can't lie. He had missed his best friend. Judge Judy ruling was, “It’s his dog,” she said. Watch the beautiful reunion below.

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