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Just When It Seems Meghan Markle’s Entire Family Is Ganging Up on Her, One Lone Voice Speaks Up On Her Behalf - And You’ll Never Guess Who It Is

April 27, 2018

Ever since Prince Harry announced his engagement to American actress Meghan Markle, everyone and his brother is giving his opinion about the lovely princess-to-be. As of this writing, the only member of the family that she is still speaking to appears to be her yoga instructor mother, Doria Raglan.

Ms. Raglan has confirmed that she will, indeed, attend her daughter's nuptials on May 19th.

Although there are rumors that Meghan is close to her dad, Thomas Markle, he has been strangely silent throughout this whole process. And it remains unclear whether or not he will walk his daughter down the aisle of St. George's Chapel. (Pictured below: a very young Meghan with her father, Thomas Markle)

We’ve heard from Meghan’s older half-sister Samantha of course, who let her feelings be known about Prince Harry’s fiancée neglecting to invite anyone from her family to the wedding.

Then the half-brother, Thomas Junior, chimed in expressing how hurt he was that Meghan invited all those strangers to the wedding, and not her own brother, to whom she was reportedly extremely close when she was little.

But one advocate for Meghan Markle has come out of the woodwork and it’s no one anyone expected to hear from: Meghan’s own niece, 19-year-old Noel Rasmussen.

What makes it even more monumental is that Noel just so happens to be Samantha’s daughter.

According to Wonderwall, “In an April 22 interview published by Britain's Sunday Mirror, Noel dismissed her Uncle Thomas's recent claim that Meghan has "torn my family apart" and says it is, in fact, his behavior -- and her mother's -- that's hurting their family.

"My mom has got to stop what she's doing," Noel -- who has been estranged from her mom for four years -- told the British newspaper. "I think she likes the attention being Meghan's sister gives her. She likes the spotlight and the 15 minutes of fame and somewhere deep down she probably is hurt that she didn't get an invite to the wedding."

Noel goes on to clarify that she does not feel entitled to a royal invitation and that, surprisingly, there are others among Meghan’s relatives who feel the same way as she does.

"There's a select few in the family -- like me and my young cousins Thomas III and TJ -- who haven't asked for anything," Noel said. "It's the older ones who have been causing the war of words which is ripping the family apart. It seems like they're the ones expecting handouts and favors. But why should Meghan do that? It's not fair to her."

Noel is calling her family out, and asking them to stop finding fault with Meghan publicly, “and urged them to make efforts to get over any perceived slights.

"Things have been crazy ever since Meghan and Prince Harry got together, but I think it will die down and I hope these wounds are healed," she said. "It's in Meghan's nature to be a good person and she won't want any bad feelings. I think she is doing the best she can in the public eye."

Noel reminisces about her memories of her Auntie Meghan, and most of them are fond ones. "I've always really looked up to her, like a big sister I never had. She took me shopping for kids books and clothes," she said. "She taught me how important it was to read books. She's kind, genuine, very thoughtful and warm."

"Now she's going to be a good wife and mom and a great ambassador for America," Noel added.

It must put a smile on Meghan’s face to know that at least one young member of her non-traditional family has the good sense to look at the situation with a selfless attitude. How ironic that she just so happens to be one of the youngest but has more sense than all the others combined!

I applaud Noel for having the courage to stand up and speak her mind and let the public know that not everything her mom and uncle are saying is the truth.

Something that is the truth, is this astounding fact about Meghan’s father: He won the lottery! Watch the video, below, to learn the whole story!


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