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K9 Cherry Has One Of The Most Important Jobs Around. You’ll Be Surprised When You See How This K9 Helps Keep The Airport Safe For Everyone

September 13, 2017

Airports are insanely busy places, with thousands of people arriving and departing every day. Because they are such busy places, all airports have tons of jobs that need to be filled. One job that is extremely important is making sure wildlife stay off the runways. Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan, has a rather unusual employee that makes sure the wildlife stay off airport grounds.

K9 Piper is a male Border Collie who patrols the airport, chasing birds off the runways, and keeping rodents and other small mammals away from the grounds. By keeping the rodents and small mammals away, it helps keep larger predators away, and prevents birds of prey from circling overhead. Piper also keeps track of holes where wildlife have burrowed under the fence, and lets his handlers know if they’re new or old holes.

K9 Piper doesn’t just keep the airport safe from wildlife however, he also helps maintain the morale of all the employees with his adorable looks and playful personality. Piper works four days a week patrolling, and he’s been doing this for years now. Piper has chased away more than 6,100 birds during the 5400 hours he’s worked at the airport. Thanks to Piper, Cherry Capital Airport is safe from wildlife invasion!

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