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Heartbreaking Tragedy Strikes Country Music Star And Family, All Are Now Desperately Coveting Your Prayers

January 08, 2019

Tragedy has struck one of Nashville’s budding young recording artist, leaving a family shattered and heartbroken beyond repair. 24-year-old Kalie Shorr took to social media to make an announcement she never thought she’d have to make. Her beloved sister, Ashley Coffman, passed away from a heroin overdose.

Shorr is best known for her hit single, “Fight Like A Girl” and since her rise to stardom, she’s gained a hefty following of supportive fans that knew just what to say during this heartbreaking circumstance. Shorr posted a video on her Instagram detailing the tragic news.

“Yesterday, my beautiful sister, Ashley Rhiannon, passed away of a heroin overdose. I don’t even know what to say and I really never thought I would end up here. She was named after the Fleetwood Mac song, which is based on the old Welsh story of a beautiful goddess named Rhiannon who was captivating, beautiful, and magical.”

After the beautiful, heartfelt description of her beloved sister, she went on to describe her character: “Ashley made friends faster than anyone I’ve ever met and could find something in common with you in five seconds flat. It’s so hard when you love someone and they are battling addiction because they lose so much of themselves in the process, but I am so thankful for the last conversation I had with her…”

Their final conversation is one she’ll treasure the rest of her life: “I really got to tell her how much I loved her and the last words she ever said to me were, ‘I am so proud of you.’ I’ll never forget that and that’s how I will always remember her.”

She finished by adding encouragement to those who might find themselves in the same situation as Ashley: “If you or someone you know is battling addiction, please know you are not alone and you can overcome it. There are resources and love at the end of a telephone line. You can reach the national drug helpline at: 1-888-633-3239.”

The 37-year-old left behind two daughters whose lives will never be the same. Shorr and her family are doing everything they can to help these young girls move forward and have a fruitful, successful life surrounded by as much love as possible.

There is nothing quite as tragic as losing a loved one. Please keep Shorr, her family, and her nieces in your prayers in the days and weeks to come.

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