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Kalu’s Face Was Eaten Off By Maggots And He Crawled Into A Hole To Die. His Dramatic Rescue Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

March 05, 2018

Every day, all around the world, dogs are subjected to horrible barbarity that they have no choice but to endure. Unfortunately, the dogs in developing and third world countries tend to suffer the most atrocities because of the lack of available veterinary care. Kalu is one dog whose life was changed by nothing more than the access to a veterinarian after suffering a horrific injury.

Kalu was a street dog, struggling to survive on his own on the streets of India. He had to scrounge for food among the scraps left behind by people and was doing his best to just survive. No one is sure exactly what caused his original injury, but we know it was bad enough that he surely had required medical care.

His injury had become infected by maggots, and as the infection spread so did the maggots. Eventually, most of his face had been eaten off by the maggots and he was left with a horrific injury. As the pain grew and the infection began to take control, Kalu knew his death was approaching and he crawled into a hole at a nearby construction site, waiting to die.

One of the construction workers called Animal Aid Unlimited and they raced out to help him. When they arrived on the scene, they were horrified at the state he was in and debated whether they should try and save him, or just put him out of his misery. They saw something in his attitude that told him he wasn’t quite ready to give up if they weren’t, and so they went on the long process of healing him.

When they began the process of healing him, they first had to remove the maggots and sanitize the wound. At first, they feared both of his eyes had been lost to the injury, but they soon realized one of his eyes was still there. It took them three long months to heal him up from the horrific shape he had been in.

We’re so grateful to rescue organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited who refuse to give up when the dogs want to keep fighting. Without them, the world would be a much darker place. Kalu’s future is going to be one of love and happiness without bounds now that he has been granted his second chance at life. While we’ve attached the video for you to view below, we highly recommend you don’t watch it unless you have an extremely strong stomach as it is very graphic.