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Outraged Parents Demand Answers After ‘Mystery Meat’ Secretly Added To Student Lunches - Chef Claims He Did Nothing Wrong

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October 19, 2018

Now, I can finally say I’ve heard it all! Yet, it makes me ask the question, “How the world did they think this was okay??” And where did they get it in the first place? Well, the answers to those questions and more have been answered. And you’re not going to believe what they are…


A chef at one of the schools in the Potter-Dix School District in Nebraska apparently decided to add kangaroo meat to the pot of chili he was cooking up for the students’ lunch.

And why did the chef do such a thing? Well, in his own defense, he says kangaroo is “a very lean meat” and believes it was a wise and nutritious food choice.


But parents are not satisfied with the explanation, demanding that action is taken against the ‘rogue’ chef. And the school board has responded to the guardians' understandable concerns.


In a statement he issued to all parents, Superintendent Mike Williams extended an apology for the food choice and promised parents that it would NOT happen again.

He reassured parents that although kangaroo meat is not unhealthy or dangerous, he did acknowledge that it was “without a doubt not a normal staple of our diet.”

Now we learn that the consequences for the offending chef were quite severe. The school board took action on Wednesday and removed the chef from his position, in spite of the fact that no real harm was done.


“A Nebraska school cook who mixed kangaroo meat into chili he made for students has lost his job. Potter-Dix Schools Superintendent Mike Williams said Thursday that Kevin Frei, the junior/senior high school's head cook in Potter, no longer works for the district.”

But in spite of the outrage shown here in the States, some Aussies are taking to social media to downplay the controversy, saying it’s no big deal Down Under:


“In Aus kangaroo meat is sold in the supermarkets along with beef, lamb, and chicken. It’s pretty good and is high in protein - give it a crack if you get the chance.”

Although we doubt that kangaroo meat will officially find its way onto menus in school cafeterias anytime soon, we can't argue with the sentiment this guy raises. In other words, "Don't knock it until you try it!"

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