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Kate Middleton Has Very Special Plans For Only One Of Her Children, And Fans Are Wild With Excitement Over Her Hushed Surprise

March 13, 2019

From the eye of the public, it appears as though Kate Middleton can literally do no wrong (aside from the fact that she accidentally wore her shirt backward, but she looked so chic hardly anyone even noticed).

She’s somehow managed to take a job that requires so much time, effort, presence, and grace and do it all flawlessly all while being a wonderful and devoted mother to her three little children. To many, she really is the modern day Superwoman.

As any parent would know, just working a regular job and tackling the reoccurring needs in this life can often cloud your week, making it a bit more difficult to make good, quality time with your loved ones.

Children certainly take note when a parent carves a little bit of extra time out of their hectic schedules for a bit of one-on-one bonding.

Despite her wild schedule, Kate has taken notice of this very thing and makes a conscious effort to ensure to spend time with her children. She recently told a fan about some big plans she had in store for her eldest child, George.

While visiting the National Portrait Gallery, she was in awe of her surroundings. One fan recalled the occurrence:

“She said she was thinking of bringing George here. She said that maybe she could speak to us so we could recommend what paintings they should come and see. She was really genuine and down to earth, really nice.”

Even in the midst of a highly publicized event, Kate was still thinking of her children all the while. So much so that she knew this was a place that her little George would adore.

If this doesn’t make you have a greater appreciation for the Duchess, I don’t know what will! She proves time and time again that though she may not be perfect, she tries her best for her family, and that’s what really counts.

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