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Duchess Kate Middleton Has The One Privilege Princess Diana Always Longed For But Was Never Granted

February 20, 2019

Though she’s been gone for over twenty years, no one has yet to forget the beautiful Princess Diana of Wales.

Her legacy has spanned over generations and will continue to do so for many years to come. For many royal fans, it’s quite easy for them to see just how her two sons have willingly carried on her traditions, aspirations, and characteristics all throughout their lives and now into adulthood.

From the moment her eldest son, Prince William, married his beautiful bride, Kate Middleton, many have been finding numerous comparisons between her and her late mother-in-law.

Though neither were born directly into royalty, they’ve fit the role more perfectly than anyone could have ever imagined. It’s a heartbreaking shame to know that the two never had an opportunity to meet, because they, without a doubt, would have adored one another so very much.

Recently, it was discovered that Duchess Kate has one thing in which Diana always longed. Despite having the world at her fingertips, she could never achieve this one lifelong goal. Now years later, her precious daughter-in-law has done that for her.

Sources claim that the one thing that Diana wanted more than anything was to add a little girl to her family. She adored her sons more than life itself, and desperately wanted to add a daughter to the mix.

Sources state: “To have another baby girl in the family would have made everything for Diana. She was robbed of the opportunity of loving her grandchildren - especially Charlotte. She would have loved Kate, too.”

While she never had the opportunity to meet her only granddaughter, she would have been over-the-moon to know that her son was able to fulfill this lifelong dream of hers.

Many say that Princess Charlotte has many of Diana’s characteristics, and William has often said in interviews that he talks of his mother daily to his children, always diligent to keep her memory alive.

We know that Diana would have been giddy to see how wonderfully her family has grown and blossomed over the years. We know that they keep her memory dear, never letting it fade for even a moment.

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