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Kate Middleton Shocks Crowds Of Fans Outside Of Buckingham Palace When She Does The Unthinkable And Leaves Everyone In Utter Hysteria

December 13, 2018

Imagine you’ve made a trip to Buckingham Palace; you’re waiting outside the beautiful iron and gold gates, peaking through in hopes of seeing into one of the windows. You’re picturing what it’s like to grow up in a palace and stand on the iconic balcony- wondering how life as a Royal would truly be. When all of sudden you hear a hysterical scream from behind you.

That’s exactly what happened to a young girl named Melissa. Visiting from Hannover, Germany, Melissa was thrilled to be at Buckingham Palace during her recent visit to London.

While outside of Buckingham Palace, a site on her must-see list, Melissa stood outside the fountain imagining what life was life for the Royal Family. That’s why she heard the screams. All of a sudden, the crowd around became extremely loud. Melissa look behind her and couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

Kate Middleton was driving her SUV into Buckingham Palace directly in front of Melissa and a crowd of people!

Stunned that the Duchess of Cambridge was just feet in front of her doing something that any ordinary person would do, the crowd outside of the Buckingham went nuts! Most would imagine Royals being chauffeured rather than driving themselves anywhere, let along Buckingham Palace! But Kate didn’t seem to be found driving herself into the Palace at all!

Melissa managed to snap a picture of the Duchess driving herself in and she appears to be completely unfazed by all of the screaming fans!

Melissa captioned her series of photos: “At Buckingham Palace. 🇬🇧” the royal fan captioned her post, which included the video of Kate among her own shots in front of the Queen’s official London residence. “When you’re so lucky and get a shot of Kate Middleton right when she gets to the Palace.”

It’s not totally uncommon to see Royals driving, The Queen will still drive, as will William and Harry, but never has Kate Middleton casually driven herself into Buckingham Palace. I know that if I would have been present for this moment, I would have been screaming with excitement!

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