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When Duchess Kate Middleton Gets Confronted About Her Recent Fashion Choices, She Leaves Nothing Back In Her Argument

June 12, 2019

Kate Middleton may be married to the further King, but she sure is sensible!

While visiting a family owned and operated farm in Cumbria on June 11th, 2019, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were given a chance to meet with the family and staff. While they welcome, they met the farmer’s two adorable daughters.

The little girls, just five and three years old, grasped their flowers as they shyly starred at Kate. They knew she was royalty, so they were a bit apprehensive about how to talk to a princess.

Being the loving mother and woman that Kate is, she knelt to their level and started asking them questions. First, she commented on their pretty plaits (braids), then she told them about her daughter, Princess Charlotte.

The girls were still shyly hiding behind the bouquet that they had gathered for Kate, so their father leaned down and whispered to them, “That’s a princess. You love princesses.” Then he looked at Kate and shared, “She wanted to know if you were going to be wearing your Princess Elsa dress.” Click the picture below to watch the moment unfold.

Without even skipping a beat, Kate played along and apologized to the little girl! Sweetly, she Kate confessed, “I know, I’m sorry.” She added, “I came in my trousers and my coat because I’m going to see some sheep.”

While Kate is known for her glamorous gowns, tiaras, and jewelry, she’s also a country girl at heart! And Kate knows that if she’s visiting a farm, she’s likely to get some dirt on herself.

Kate’s response to the little girl went viral, and fans were delighted to see how sweetly Kate handled the little girl’s sincere question as to why she wasn’t dressed like Princess Elsa (from the Disney movie, Frozen). Kate is so good with children!

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