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Kate Hudson Following In Mom's Free-Spirited Footsteps When Raising Her Newborn Daughter And Kurt Russel Has A Lot To Say

January 23, 2019

Kate Hudson is making some big waves in the media after revealing her parenting techniques, but not everyone is surprised.

Adored actress, Kate Hudson, and her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa, shared with the world that they were expecting their first child together and later shared a gender reveal on April 26th, 2018. Kate, already a mother to two pre-teen boys, was hoping for a little girl but doubted that she was carrying one. In front of their family and friends, Kate, Danny, and her two sons popped four balloons that exploded pink confetti everywhere. Kate and her family went into total hysteria.

Little Rani Rose was born six-and-a-half months later.

Since her arrival, Kate’s been outspoken on raising her first daughter. In a recent interview with AOL, the actress revealed that she was raising her daughter with “a genderless approach.” The actress continued by saying that, “[Having a daughter] doesn’t really change my approach, but there’s definitely a difference,” she told the outlet. “I think you just raise your kids individually regardless — like a genderless [approach]. We still don’t know what she’s going to identify as.”

The statement sparked headlines; just months before, Kate was thrilled to learn that she was having a little girl, but three months after giving birth, the mom-of-three doesn’t want to give her little one a label. However, her statement and methods are too surprising, considering that she is the daughter of the free-spirited and beloved actress, Goldie Hawn.

Goldie has always shared such a positive and open-minded approach to life, so it’s not surprising that her daughter would follow in her footsteps. But Goldie’s partner of more than three decades, fellow actor, Kurt Russell, said that he did notice that Kate was parenting differently with her daughter; she was very different with her daughter that she was with her two sons.

Russell told PEOPLE, “She’s a little different with the little girl, I think at this stage than I remember her being with her boys [at this age]…We’re really glad that she got [a daughter] and had an opportunity to have her.” He added, “We’re proud of Danny and the relationship that grew between Kate and Danny, the result being Rani Rose.”

While Kate might choose to raise her daughter differently, we hope that this little baby grows up in a family that is full of love. We wish Kate and her daughter very happy and healthy life! We can’t wait to see more pictures of little Rani Rose!

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