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Kate Middleton Takes Hint From Meghan Markle But It’s Obvious That She’s Got Her Own Opinion; Now, Royal Watchers Are Taking Notice

January 23, 2019

Kate Middleton is making headlines thanks to some sisterly pointers she received from her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle.

Before Meghan Markle stepped onto the Royal scene, Kate was the lone Duchess. Since Princess Diana had passed several years before Kate entered into the world’s most iconic family, Kate was left to herself to learn the ways of royalty. From outfits to public speaking, Kate’s every move was being noticed by Royal watchers.

For nearly seven years, the Duchess of Cambridge was the talk of the world but when Meghan Markle entered the picture after winning the heart of Kate’s brother-in-law, Prince Harry, the Royal Family had someone else to observe. Similarly to Kate and Princess Di, Meghan was an outsider. As an American, an actress, mix-race, and a divorcee, Meghan entered into the world’s most famous and traditional family on May 19th, 2019.

Very quickly, Meghan proved to have something that Kate neither Princess Diana had when they entered the family - her own sense of fashion.

As a former actress and lifestyle/beauty blogger, Meghan had a very unique style. Since entering into the family, her fashion choices have become a rather popular topic to royal watchers. Many times, her fashion choices quickly became international tabloid headlines.

Meghan has still maintained her unique style and, after nearly a year of sticking with the trends she adores, Kate’s own sense of fashion has taken a turn.

Journalist and Royal watcher, Elizabeth Holmes, was one of the first to notice Kate’s style taking a more direct approach to specific pieces, be it hatbands or a beautiful shade of forest green, Kate’s appeared to have taken a lesson from her sister-in-law with her fashion.

While Meghan tends to opt for a minimalistic look, Kate tends to go for a more classic look with a spin on timeless pieces. Meghan also stays in a monochromatic color palette while Kate opts for vibrant colors. Lately, however, it seems that Kate has been favoring this dark shade of purple, as she’s worn it for 4 of her last 7 appearances.

What are sisters for if not to inspire each other in their fashion sense? We hope to see more of Meghan’s unique style and more of Kate’s unique style. We love watching these two Duchess’s evolve in their roles.

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