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Kate Middleton Finds Her Meaningful Inspiration From Her Children. Her ‘Reason Why’ Will Inspire You And Make You Cry

April 06, 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge is perhaps one of the most beloved and endearing women in the world; she is captivating and inspiring to millions and her journey is only beginning. The royal wife and mother of two (soon to be three) spends her energy on one thing: making people’s lives better.

Duchess Kate has always been a compassionate and motivated woman, but once she became a mother, everything changed.

If you’re a mother, then you know that purpose of your life changes entirely when you have children. Your life becomes their life, and your reason for living becomes them. It's easily the most demanding job in the world, but so also the most rewarding.

Kate’s life become so much bigger when she had her first child, Prince George. She quickly realized that she had one job- to make her son’s life better. While most high-profile mothers tend to deal with the stress of not being with their children enough, Kate made it her mission to know and have her son know love. Sure, she had help, but her focus at the beginning of everyday was her sweet son, George.

Kate’s blossomed into an even more compassionate, caring, and motivated mother since having her second child, Princess Charlotte. And there is no doubt that Baby #3 (due in late-April), will evoke even more nurturing love from Kate.

Her charity work has been focused on mental health for the couple years primarily because of her own children. A source shared with PEOPLE that Kate’s proven to be so present in creating a safe place to talk about and discover mental health. Her attention to the matter is genuine.

Peter Fonagy, head of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, shared that Kate is motivated to pursue freedom in mental health because of her children. She shared, “Kate is keen on children and keen that they should be happy. In fact, her biggest interested in prevention is to make sure that she does things right in her own parenting. She’s genuinely interested in how to make children’s lives better- and what parents and professionals can do to positively influence the lives of children.”

In an interview with the Heads Together Campaign, Kate shared that “Being a mother is not at all easy. And sometimes, you feel like you’re entirely alone. But it’s important to know that you’re not. Your not alone and you matter.”

Kate knows that life as a mother is demanding, but so worth it. Being a mother is one of her greatest joys and she is honored to demonstrate love to her children every day. They inspire her to be better.

Are you a mother who is inspired by your children? Share in the comment section on Facebook how being a mother has inspired you personally! On behalf of All Cute All The Time, thank you for your service as a mother- you are appreciated!


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