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Kate Middleton Fooled The World At Harry And Meghan’s Wedding. It Took 3 Weeks To Figure Out Her Deception But Now It’s All Anyone Can Talk About

June 05, 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge has a reputation for not only dressing to the nines wherever she goes but also for her frequent frugality in choosing ensembles from her own closet instead of the showrooms of designers.

When she appeared at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May 19th wedding, the world was struck by two things. First, how beautiful she looked in her cream-colored coat-dress. Second, by her cleverness in recycling an outfit that she had worn at least twice before. Now, after three weeks, it has finally been determined that everything we thought we knew about her stunning couture was WRONG!

Kate did NOT wear a previously worn dress to the wedding. Of course, once we learned the truth, we were stunned and chagrined that we had followed along with the narrative and fell for a similar - but unique - costume.

Leave it to the eagle-eyed Instagram follower, royaladdicted2 to do the legwork that eventually revealed the shocking truth. Now we’re wondering how we ever missed it in the first place! Our clever friend pointed several subtle but nonetheless unmistakable differences between this coat and the ones she wore before.

The dress she chose for Harry and Meghan's big day looks strikingly similar to her old dress, but it has some subtle differences.

“For one, Kate's wedding outfit was yellow and featured a row of four buttons on the cuffs. It looked white or cream in some of the photos, but compared to Princess Charlotte's ivory bridesmaid dress, and the white dress Kate wore underneath her coat, it was clearly yellow.

“Meanwhile, the dress she wore to Charlotte's christening and to Trooping the Colour, which was also designed by Alexander McQueen, was cream and doesn't have buttons.” Now that you put the photos side by side, we wonder why we didn’t notice it at the time.

I guess that we can chalk it up to our attention being somewhere else that day, as well it should have been. I suppose we can be forgiven our oversight, under the circumstances. :-)

No matter what she wore, however, we can say unequivocally that Kate looked absolutely stunning, as she always does. And we look forward to the end of her maternity leave so we can have the pleasure of seeing the Duchess more often. We miss her!!

To take a look back on some of the stunning styles Prince William’s bride has wowed us with over the years, watch the video, below.

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