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Kate Middleton Shocks Fans By Taking The Most “Un-Royal” Photo Ever! Now, The Internet Can’t Stop Freaking Out

March 28, 2019

Kate Middleton has all of the headlines talking and for all of the right reasons!

As wife to the future King and mum to the additional heirs of the throne, Kate’s role as a Royal is vital and highly important. But that doesn’t mean the future Queen is taking herself too seriously.

On March 28th, 2019 Kate Middleton made a visit to the Scout’s headquarters. The Scouts, an organization that works to “prepare young people for life,” has been in involved with Kate Middleton for several years. As a Parton of The Scouts since 2012, Kate has participated in a number of exciting events with The Scouts.

Scouts works to help children utilize the resources around them while encouraging creative ways to provide needs. On Thursday, some of the children were interested in showing the Duchess of Cambridge a waterproof den that they had crafted with branches, leaves, and twigs. While they children were thrilled to show the Duchess of Cambridge, they were absolutely stunned when she took their invitation to heart.

The Duchess of Cambridge knelt down and went inside of the den! The photographers went nuts as the future Queen was found crouching down under wet branches wth excitable children! Her unexpected participation made for front page news as the Duchess proved that she is always a great sport- no matter if it’s planned or not!

As the 37-year-old royal hunched down below the leaves, she said, “It’s very waterproof in here!” The girls squealed with glee The Scouts snapped a picture for their Twitter where they caption their photo: “Three trials were dry, one was wet! We are very proud that it was three quarters there. Kate got straight in there with one of our Beavers and checked it out. It was wonderful and the Scouts absolutely loved her. The highlight was the Duchess, smack bang in the middle of it all, getting in a den — braver woman than I am!”

Immediately, the picture became front page news as the Duchess of Cambridge was seen making children happier beyond measure.

As a mum of three under six years old, Kate surely see great value in this venture of Scouts. Which is likely why the Duchess of Cambridge went above and beyond when it came to being with the children. PEOPLE claimed the moment resulted in “Kate’s best photo yet!” We for sure think so! What do you think!?

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