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Kate Middleton Just Did Something That No Royal Has Ever Done- It Might Be Temporary, But It’s Still Quite Surprising

February 23, 2018

The Royals are known for many things, but one thing that rings true in every royal is their class. Throughout the centuries, The Royal Family has been a consistent symbol of class to the rest of the world.

On February 21, 2018, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a royal appearance at The Fire Station. The Fire Station is an old fire station that’s been converted into an art and cultural center where different cultures and organizations can come together to celebrate traditions in art.

When the Duke and Duchess arrived on Wednesday, they were thrilled to see several different cultures being recognized so beautifully. They saw traditional dances, clothes and accessories, dances, and prints.

Kate quite enjoyed the visit to The Fire Station. In fact, she became a participant in the day by getting something that no Royal has ever gotten before! The Duchess got a tattoo!!

Now, before you get too concerned, don’t worry! The Duchess got a henna tattoo, which is temporary and a common practice in several cultures. No royal as ever gotten a tattoo before!

The henna tattoo should last for about two weeks. After a couple days, it will turn flaky, at which point she can clean it off. Once it’s gone, the design will be stained onto her skin. The design will last for about two weeks!

For most people, a tattoo doesn’t exactly say, “Class.” However, Kate was having fun participating in the cultural events.  Her encouragement and appreciation of culture is something that many people admire about her.

We can’t but think of Princess Diana when we hear this story. Sounds like Kate is more alike her than we realize! Cheers to being the first royal to get a tattoo, Kate!! Here's some footage of The Duchess, we hope you like it!


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