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Kate Middleton Makes Drastic Change In Appearance And Only Her True Fans Were Able To Notice Right Away

April 03, 2019

Ah, Kate Middleton. Is there anything not to love about her? She’s the epitome of grace and class, fully embodying what it truly means to be a Duchess and future Queen Consort.


To hold a position such as that, one must truly have a deep sense of drive, determination, and a whole lot of thick skin. Despite her seemingly perfect persona, there are always people who have something negative to say about everything - even the Duchess of Cambridge.


Sadly over the past few months, she’s found herself smack dab in the middle of one controversial rumor after another. As any good royal would, she continues to hold her head high above the drama, never giving it a moment of her attention.

Recently, one rumor that has been floating around concerning the Duchess has finally come to a head and has been addressed once and for all. This one, though, isn’t drama-filled (believe it or not!).


Some of her most devout fans have begun to talk about a pretty significant alteration in her appearance as of late. Something was a bit different, and many were unsure as to what might be the root cause to it.

To put those rumors to rest, sources have confirmed what many have been wondering all along. Back in December of 2018, Kate’s trusty stylist, Natasha Archer, took a break following the birth of her first child.


This left Kate with only one option: change up the game in her stylist department - something she’d not done in many moons. While this move seemed a bit risky to some, it’s surely paid off in the long run!


Her replacement stylist is a woman named Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey. Healey is the 39-year-old former Vogue Executive Retail Editor, so she definitely knows her stuff. She and Kate have been longtime friends, so the Duchess knew that she would be in safe styling hands with Healey behind her wardrobe.


Many of her fans are over the moon about her new, slightly altered look and think it’s just the wardrobe refresh that she had been needing for some time.

What do you think about her new look? Were you able to tell a difference in her appearance as of late?

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