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Kate Middleton Confronted About Queen Elizabeth’s Habits But Get’s Totally Blindsided; Her Answer Now Sparking Headlines

January 17, 2019

If there’s anyone who knows Queen Elizabeth II personally, it’s her granddaughter-in-law and wife of the future heir to the throne, Kate Middleton. But apparently, even Kate Middleton doesn’t know everything about her grandmother-in-law.

On January 15th, the Duchess of Cambridge visited a local community garden where she was able to spent time making some pizza with some sweet kiddos. During the pizza making, one little tot thought to ask a question that Kate wasn’t expecting.

He asked, “Has the Queen ever eaten pizza?”

In a rare moment, the Duchess of Cambridge was stumped. She didn’t take much time to answer with a definite “yes” or “no” and instead responded with a surprising, “I don’t know. Maybe next time I see her, shall I ask?”

While it was just an innocent question, it’s since gotten major attention. So much so that iconic magazine, Vogue, wrote an article on it! Vogue journalist, Elise Taylor, made it a new mission to discover if Queen Elizabeth II had ever eaten pizza before but what she quickly found was disappointing.

Elise searched far and wide on the internet in hopes to find out if Queen Elizabeth had ever eaten pizza, but instead only found images of the Queen as a pizza. After searching for hours, Elise confused that there has never been any evidence of the Queen eating pizza.

After some deductive reasoning, however, Elise, settled with the fact that after more than 64,970 meals in her lifetime, and with a love for cheese and bread, it’s likely that Queen Elizabeth has indulged in pizza a time or two.

However, unless the Duchess of Cambridge really does get the skinny from her Grandmother, we may never know for sure!

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