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Kate Middleton Plays A Vital Role In Meghan Markle’s Life As Royal Wedding Approaches

February 26, 2018

While the world can study and observe the Royal family, no one really knows what goes on behind palace doors besides the Royal Family themselves. Even royal family members that have spent their whole lives being in the public eye still rely on the guidance of royal aides and advisors.

New-comers in the Royal Family receive a crash course in “Royal Family 101” prior to officially becoming a member of the family.

Such is the case with royal-to-be, Meghan Markle. Meghan has no real experience in the royal world as she is an American actress, however, come May 19th, she’ll become a member of the Royal Family by marrying Prince Harry of Wales. Before then, she’ll need all of the help she can get!

Enter: The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Surely, no one knows what coming into the Royal Family means like Kate Middleton. Kate married Prince William in April 11, 2011. She went from a common girl to one of the most popular women in the world.

As Duchess of Cambridge, Kate is married to the third in line to the crown. It’s absolutely crucial that she learns royal protocols and learns them quickly. So far, she’s been an exceptional royal newcomer.

Her relationship with her future sister-in-law has developed quite a bit as Kate has worked as an advisor to Meghan. Kate’s helped Meghan work through best practices for royal outings as well get over common wedding hurdles. She’s really outdone herself as a friend and sister and Meghan is so grateful to learn from Kate.

With Kate by her side as an advisor, Meghan has nothing to worry about! The wedding is quickly approaching and come May 19th, 2018, Meghan will the perfect royal bride! Check out the video below to see the wedding details so far!


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