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Kate Middleton Saves Sick Child

January 16, 2018

I guess it’s true what they say: Once you’re a mom, there’s no going back, no matter what. After learning of the Duchess of Cambridge's heroic move during a royal outing, we can officially say that the ‘motherhood gene’ never turns off.

The event took place when the mom-of-two walked alongside her husband, The Duke of Cambridge, at a royal outing in the English city of Coventry. Together, they strolled through the streets, visiting townspeople. They were planning to spend the day visiting ruins of Coventry’s landscape (the city was devastated by war in 1940.)

As Kate and William were walking hand-in-hand, something in the crowd caught Kate's attention. Kate saw a little boy, who was no older than ten, looking quite dismal; she feared that he might pass out or vomit. She immediately sprung into action!

She bee-lined for him and kneeled down at his level. Onlookers gazed in collective concern because the look on Kate’s face was far from content. She asked him a few questions and then ran over to her bodyguard. By this time, the entire crowd was concerned.

Kate grabbed a bag and ran back over to the young boy. She gave him the bag and calmed his nerves by talking softly to him. One onlooker shared that little boy was quite pale when The Duchess approached him. It's a good thing that she approached him when she did because he was so comforted by even a simple brown bag.

Thankfully for this little guy, he didn’t need the bag. It seems as though the tender care of a motherly figure was more than enough to cheer him up! Thanks, Kate! You’re a hero!

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