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Kate Middleton Steps Out And Does The Unthinkable, Leaving Many To Seriously Question Her Motives

April 05, 2018

Jet-setting across the globe, attending lavish parties, and wearing elaborately detailed dresses are just a handful of things one would automatically assume into the day to day routine of a royal.

When you live your life in the royal spotlight, you’re inevitably held to a higher standard. You’re automatically assumed to be living a loftier lifestyle, one that many envy simply because they think it’s more glorious. While you might have the world at your fingertips, sometimes you long for the simple things in life.

Take the Duchess of Cambridge for example. Her hair, wardrobe, elegance, and grace are a few reasons as to why the world is utterly starstruck by her. I’m sure; if asked, she would say that while she appreciates the love and support from the public, she often wonders what life would be like if she lived a more normal life.

Some of her actions prove that just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she has lost her down to earth side. On a few occasions, she was spotted doing one task we all take for granted: grocery shopping.


The Duchess can barely go outside her home without paparazzi stalking her every move. I can only imagine how much she’d be bombarded if seen strolling around the produce aisle. She doesn’t let those thoughts even cross her mind.


Despite the attention, she still finds occasional time to dip into “normalcy” and mingle with the public. She does still keep her security close, but it gives her a chance to take a breath and do things that other non-famous mothers take for granted.


For her, this could merely be an escape for a little peace. To be honest, I don’t blame her one bit! I think, if I ever found myself in the same situation, I'd want to do the very same.

Imagine if you walked down the aisle and saw here perusing the shelves. That would be grocery adventure of a lifetime!


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