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Kate Middleton Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands After Meghan Markle’s Father Goes Too Far

July 30, 2018

On May 19th, 2018, Meghan Markle became the official Duchess of Sussex. In her first 100 days as royalty, Meghan transitioned flawlessly into a beaming member of the Royal Family. Americans have been beyond proud to witness Meghan transition with such dignity, although, the same can’t be said for her family.

Meghan’s father and stepsister have been press puppets for the last several months; estranged from Meghan for the past several years, they were furious when they learned that they wouldn’t be invited to the Royal Wedding.

Thomas Markle, Meghan’s father, was a very constant topic in the weeks leading up to the wedding; just a month before the wedding, it was decided that he would travel to England to walk his daughter down the aisle. But in surprising twist events, Thomas was under major fire or staging pictures for the press in hopes to gain popularity and make little extra money.

After the discovery of his staged pictures, Thomas allegedly suffered a heart attack in the days leading up to the wedding and shared that he would no longer be able to make the wedding as he would be undergoing open-heart surgery just days before.

The world was entirely baffled at Thomas’ behavior, and even more baffled when they learned that Meghan’s stepsister, Samantha, was to blame for the staged photos. All in the days leading up the wedding, Meghan remained collected and engaged with her priorities as her father and stepsister jumped at every opportunity to share their opinions.

Since her May 19th wedding, Meghan has yet to talk to her father or sister, however, several interviews have surfaced regarding Thomas’ bitter perspective towards his daughter and her new family. Meghan has carried on with class thanks to one person in particular- Kate Middleton.

Vanity Fair shares that Kate Middleton has been a constant source of encouragement and strength for Meghan during her transition. Not only is she transitioning into marriage, but the role of a royal is something that very few understand.

One source shares that Meghan is at her “wit’s end” with her family. Thankfully, she’s got Kate there to look out for her! Kate remains a sister, friend, and “pillar of support” to Meghan during this difficult time. We can all agree that Kate is truly an exceptional person to have in your corner!


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