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Adored Food Network Host Breaks Her Silence On Her Heartbreaking Health Struggle - Now, She’s Yearning For Your Prayers

April 25, 2019

One of Food Network’s most adored faces recently broke her silence on a health struggle she’s been battling with, and people across the internet are banding together to offer her support during this season.


American chef and television host, Katie Lee, is known for bringing a fun, punchy energy to any environment. She’s an advocate for healthy eating and always makes it her mission to show just how simple it can be to create easy, nutrient-dense meals for your family.


While she always puts on a brave face and beautiful smile, she’s secretly been battling with something for quite some time and she knew she now had to speak up and tell the worth the truth.

She took to her Instagram account to post a lengthy dialogue about the fertility problems she and her husband, Ryan Biegel, had been dealing with since they’ve gotten married.


She started off by addressing the comments she had been receiving as of late which spurred her to make this post: “I get multiple messages a day asking me if I’m pregnant or why I am not pregnant yet. I get comments saying I look like I’ve gained weight, so I must be pregnant. After one said that I looked ‘thick in the waist.’ I finally responded that it’s not ok to comment on a woman’s body and you never know what someone is going through.”


She continued: “There is so much pressure on women to look a certain way and while most mean well with baby questions, it can be hurtful. Many of you sent me messages sharing your personal stories of fertility issues. You helped me, so now I want to share my story with you.”

“When Ryan and I got married, our plan was to start a family right away. I couldn’t wait to get pregnant! I naively thought it would be easy. I’m a healthy woman, I eat a balanced diet, exercise, I don’t smoke. Ryan is the same. But reproductive health is an entirely different ballgame.”


“We were trying, I had to have surgery to correct a problem, got an infection, then I was so run down I got shingles. My doctor advised us to try IVF. We just finished the intense process only to get zero healthy embryos. Not only is IVF physically exhausting, the emotional toll is unparalleled. We were filled with hope and excitement only to be crushed.”


“It is really hard to put on a happy face. Fertility issues are supposed to be private so many of us are silently in pain. I hesitated to share this but I feel comfort when I hear others’ stories and I hope any of you in a similar situation know you are not alone. When people ask me when I’m getting pregnant, it hurts. It’s just a reminder that I’m not. When they say I look like I’ve gained weight, I have. I can’t exercise as much and the hormones have made me bloated.”


“At church on Easter, the priest started his sermon with a story about a family struggling to have a baby and the happiness they are now experiencing that their prayers have been answered. He said it is a time of new beginnings. Tears streamed down my face.”

She finished by saying this: “I know a family will happen for us, it is just going to be a different journey than we imagined. We will keep working towards it. Someday we will have our happy new beginning and I pray any of you experiencing the same will have yours too.”


While no one ever expected to hear such a raw, emotional confession from one of the happiest and brightest personalities on television, many found comfort in her admittance. Millions of women struggle with the same and just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they’re immune to difficulties.

Please keep her and all the women in her shoes in your thoughts and prayers.

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