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Kensington Palace Diligently Tried To Hide Meghan Markle’s Past, But The Internet Quickly Took Notice. Now, They’re Scrambling To Cover Their Steps

May 30, 2018

When preparing for a wedding, there are numerous things to take into consideration. Not only will life as you know it forever be changing, but there is a great deal of prep work that goes into play.

The bride and groom must diligently nail down all the fine details, ranging from their rings and attire to seating arrangements and decor. It’s no simple undertaking and often takes couples months or years to finalize the details surrounding their big day.

The activities described above are typical for any wedding, whether grand or small. The Royal Wedding of 2018 was no exception. When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, the world rejoiced with great excitement. The redheaded wild child of the palace had finally found someone in which he could spend the rest of his life, and his future began looking brighter than ever before.

Before Meghan made the transition from girlfriend to wife, she had other adjustments to make in her own personal life. She had to forever say goodbye to her life as an American television actress and pursue life as a British royal.

Her new life also had to make adjustments to prepare for her as well. The palace had many protocols in place in which they used to transition her into her new role. On the day following the wedding, the Kensington Palace’s website added her information on it alongside the other family members.

As with the others, her life before meeting Harry was briefly explained. One thing that eagle-eyed fans happened to quickly notice was the lack of elaboration on her acting career. This aspect of her past gained her the greatest amount of notoriety and took up a great deal of her life, so many were quite puzzled as to why the website chose to forego stating such information.

Enough commotion was caused that Kensington Palace quickly retraced their steps and made amends to the error. Now, her official page reads:

“After university, Her Royal Highness worked as an actress, appearing in film and television. She most notably play the ed role of Rachel Zane on the series Suits for seven seasons, completing over 100 episodes. Whilst working on Suits, The Duchess moved to Toronto, Canada, where the show was filmed; she feels very connected to Canada, as it became a second home to her.”

The biography also contains details of other notable acts such as her devout charity work and campaigns.

“From a young age, The Duchess had a keen awareness of social issues and actively participated in charitable work. Age 11 she successfully campaigned for a company to alter their television advert that had used sexist language to sell washing-up liquid. These early experiences helped to shape her lifelong commitment to causes such as social justice and women’s empowerment.”

Fans worldwide now sigh in relief and happiness to see that this crucial part of her past is yet to be forgotten. We now sit back and watch to see just what lies in the future for the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


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