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Kensington Palace Makes Last Minute Announcement That Sends Town Into Utter Hysteria And Requires Urgent PR From Royal Family

May 08, 2018

While the world gears up for what is sure to be the wedding of the century, some unlikely drama was thrown into the mix of the last minute details.

On May 4th, only 15 days prior to the wedding, Kensington Palace held a press conference regarding wedding details. While most the announcements appeared to be an overview of what many already know, one statement sent the media into overdrive.

The statement was in regards to the couple’s plans for a honeymoon.

Kensington Palace spokesman, Jason Knauf, mentioned that “The couple will be going on a honeymoon, but not straight away. They will have their first engagement as a married couple in the week after the wedding.”

So, why did that send reporters into such excitement? Immediately following the delayed honeymoon confirmation, headlines broke stating that Prince Harry and Meghan were hoping to manipulate their time in the spotlight. Many upset royal-watchers took to social media where they shared honest and brash comments on the matter.

Some thought Prince Harry was being manipulated by Meghan to postpone the honeymoon. Immediately, the royal-watchers spiraled out of control, causing Kensington Palace to calm down the hysteria.

Kensington Palace shared that the reason for the postponing honeymoon was not to get more press about them, but rather for Prince Harry to share in his official duties. Rather than sneaking away for a much deserved time off, he’ll tend to the duties that were already planned.

Following the confirmation from Kensington Palace, fans retracted their statements and suggested that prioritizing official duties was the responsible thing to do. Many also reminded the public that William and Kate did the same thing after their nuptials in 2011.

When the couple is free from official duty, Prince Harry and Meghan will fly to Namibia in southwest Africa. There, the couple will enjoy time away from the public in a remote and luxurious camp.

The couple will wed on May 19th at St. George’s Chapel and will take the honeymoon the following week after attending already scheduled official duties. Please share this story with your friends to set the record straight!


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