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Texas Father Under Massive Investigation After Allegedly Fake Kidnapping Missing 8-Month-Old Son

January 08, 2019

A San Antonio father is under massive scrutiny concerning his missing 8-month-old son and authorities are hot on the case uncovering new information daily. Little King Jay Davila has been missing and local Texas law enforcement has been led to believe that foul play is involved in his disappearance.

Sources state that on Friday, January 4, the child’s father, 34-year-old Christopher Davila, was arrested for “child endangerment in connection with allegedly staging the abduction of his son.” Davila told officers that on Friday evening, he had to run into a gas station and left King in the back seat of a running car. He did not have the doors locked when he left the vehicle.

Moments after Davila entered the station, a woman was caught on surveillance camera as she quickly approached the vehicle and sped away with King still in tow. Sources say that the car was eventually located at a nearby park, but the child was nowhere to be found.

The more information the authorities have uncovered, the more suspicious the case becomes. They currently believe that Davila staged the kidnapping to conceal foul play involving his infant child. “We can say without a doubt that this was not a theft. This was not a kidnapping. This was a staged event,” the local police chief stated.

Enough red flags have been triggered that the FBI is now actively involved in the case. The San Antonio Police Department issued a public statement on Twitter:

“Statement on behalf of Chief McManus regarding the investigation of King Jay Davila: ‘The FBI is now assisting in the investigation into the disappearance of 8-month-old King Jay Davila. As always, we are extremely grateful for their willingness to assist our department when needed. It’s even more appreciated that these agents are volunteering their time and expertise to help us find King, despite them not being paid during the current government shutdown. Together, we will work tirelessly to find baby King.’”

There have been no current updates on the situation but the San Antonio PD pleads that you contact them immediately if you or someone you know has any leads to this disappearance of baby King. To reach them, call 210.207.7635. Let’s all do our part in making sure King is found alive and safe!

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