Kitten Watches Horror Movie On TV. When The Scary Part Comes On, She Completely Loses It In The Cutest Way Possible

June 22, 2017

Pets have a really incredible way of adapting to their surroundings. If you reside in a high-rise apartment, they quickly learn the ins and outs of this particular style of living. If you reside out on large acreage, they learn that things are vastly different and adjust accordingly to a completely different way of life. While adjustments can be a little difficult at times, it's easier when you have a furry pal with you every step of the way. This has a way of making transitions far easier.

If your pet lives indoors, they become accustomed to your daily routines and sometimes enjoy tagging alongside you. In most families, the humans spend the day outside of the home, busily working at their jobs. They return home in the evenings and are instantly greeted with panting or meowing and by the wagging of tails from the furry members of the family.


Humans, in turn, greet their fur babies with softly spoken words of adoration and lots of cuddles! Did you know that the cute, soft-toned voice that always comes out of your mouth when you speak to your pet? We all have a certain tone that is more gentle and soft spoken and when used towards an animal, it actually makes an impact on them. They can sense a difference in your voice when you speak to them and they instantly become comforted and reassured if a gentle tone is used.

After a long day of work, most people just want to put their feet up and enjoy vegging out with their pets for a little while. Cats and dogs don't mind that one bit as long as they get to join in on the fun, too! I know at my house, my dog loves the television. He sits beside me, wagging his tail at the action on the screen and gets particularly excited when he sees another dog on tv. His tail wags twice as fast and he begins pacing around the television screen. Sometimes, he gets so excited, he beings joyfully barking. It's the cutest sight!


Cats act slightly different. They could care less about the show on television and just want a human to cuddle up with while they nap the evening away. As long as the tv isn't blaring an annoyingly loud sound, they tend to go unfazed by the hum of the entertainment. Sometimes, though, a movie can be interesting enough that it captures the attention of even the most nonchalant feline.

The utterly adorable kitty in the video below was happily lounging around in the living room when his human decided to turn on a movie. Something about the film was rather intriguing, causing the kitten to become transfixed by the action on the screen. Much to his surprise, this movie was a frightening one and it was so scary that he couldn't force himself to look away.

The longer he watched, the more frightened he became! In the end, he did exactly as I would have done - he jumped out of the room, as fast as greased lightning! Watch the video below to see his cute reaction to the movie. I have to say, my reaction would be the exact same. I'm right there with you, kitty!

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