Unwanted Kittens Under 2lbs Are Usually Euthanized, But One Organization Is Fighting For Even The Littlest Felines

November 11, 2017

Have you ever wished you could work or volunteer somewhere and love on adorable tiny kittens all day? Well, there is such a place!

Sadly, many kittens are brought to shelters weighing under 2lbs and per policy are considered too young to be adopted, so instead, they are euthanized. One organization in LA is working with the shelters to give these innocent babies a fighting chance.

The Kitten Rescue Nursery takes in once unwanted kittens and lovingly cares for them around the clock. They are bottle-fed every few hours and given medicine when needed.

To ensure that the babes are kept warm they are placed in an aquarium on a blanket that is over a heating pad. To comfort them they are given a stuffed toy with a pulsing heart inside of it.

The dedicated nursery workers care for all the 'bottle-babies' needs until they are old enough to be weaned. Once they are big enough, they go to foster homes until they are ready to be adopted into their fur-ever homes.

The Kitten Rescue Nursery has to be one of my favorite organizations to follow on Instagram. I don't know how anyone can see one of those tiny innocent kittens and not think their life is worthy of saving. For even more "aww" moments, check out the video below!

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