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Dangling From One Paw And In Excruciating Pain, Terrified Kitty Is Moments Away From Plummeting To The Concrete Below

October 24, 2018

We aren’t even going to ask how he got in that position, hanging from a window, four stories high. Knowing the curious, adventurous, and impulsive nature of our feline friends, it could have been any one of a number of possibilities. We’re just glad that a savior came by to get this kitty out of his predicament.

Regardless of how he ended up in the dangerous situation, it is pretty clear that he’s lucky that his paw happened to catch on the screen surrounding the window. If not for that one thing, this kitty would have surely fallen the four stories to the concrete, most certainly costing him one, if not all, of his nine lives!

When rescuers arrive, they immediately set up a very tall ladder, leaning it against the wall near where the cat is hanging. After scaling the 40 feet to the window where the cat is caught, the man tries to free the furry friend from his entrapment.

Unsuccessful, due to the paw being entangled in the mesh, he is forced to use scissors to cut him free. Once the kitty is no longer snared in the screen, the rescuer has to comfort the scared cat while waiting for another person to enter the apartment and pull the animal inside.

After what seems like forever, a hand magically appears at the window, and the formerly-trapped cat is safely handed off to the rescuer waiting inside the building.

What could have turned out tragically, ended up having a happy ending, thanks to the gentleman who risked this own life to help out a kitty in distress?

Let’s just hope that the owners are more careful in the future about their feline’s access to open windows, because if we know one thing about cats, it’s that they will always find the most unlikely places in which to play.

To see the entire rescue, just click on the video, below.

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