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Princess Diana’s Niece Breaks Her Usual Silence To Address One Serious Issue - And It All Has Everything To Do With Meghan Markle

March 20, 2019

One of the relatively quieter members of the British royal family has chosen to finally come forward and address an issue that has long been plaguing her.

Some may not be familiar with this one member of the family, but others know and love her. Lady Kitty Spencer is the gorgeous niece of the late Princess Diana. Many often compare the two in appearance, saying that Kitty is the spitting image to her infamous aunt.

Some know Kitty from her profession as a supermodel and has been seen in numerous fashion campaigns and magazine spreads. She has a hefty following on her Instagram account where nearly 500 thousand avidly keep up with her work in the fashion industry.

One thing she always refrains from doing is talking about her royal connection - until now.

In a recent interview, Kitty sat down and divulged something that had been greatly been bothering her for some time. Much to everyone’s surprise, it had to do with her cousin, Harry’s, new bride, Meghan.

Kitty isn’t often seen in and around the royal grounds aside from attending large family gatherings. One of her biggest debuts to date was at Meghan and Harry’s wedding. She was deemed almost doll-like and flawless from head to toe in her stunning emerald and floral ensemble.

Like any of the other guests, she kept her poise throughout it all. It was after this, though, that everything changed for her.

The 28-year-old admitted to Harper’s Bazaar that she never could have imagined the amount of publicity and attention she would continue to receive following the royal wedding.

“It was definitely unexpected. My Instagram followers went from 17,000 to half a million in one night. I thought I had someone else’s phone when I woke up the next morning. I had to turn my notifications off because my phone was going to die,” she admitted.

Then she hilariously recalled thinking, “Can I still FaceTime my cat and put it on my Stories?”

She has often said that she refuses to make mention to any media or paparazzi about her wildly famous cousins, William and Harry, nor their families simply out of respect and honor for them.

Never could she have imagined that when Meghan Markle entered the family she’d gain so much unanticipated attention. Despite the shock, she knows the platform she has and intends to use it to promote causes that are near and dear to her heart.

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