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Kyo Suffered Horrifying Neglect At The Hands Of His Owner. When Rescuers Saw What They Were Up Against, They Knew It Was Going To Be A Long Battle To Save His Life

February 21, 2018

When rescuers received a call about a dog at a local shelter in need of dire assistance, they knew that they had no time to spare. From the first moment they laid eyes on the dog, they knew they were in for the battle of a lifetime. Kyo was completely covered in thick mats and dreadlocks, leaving them unable to even guess at his breed.

The mats were surely causing him to be in quite a lot of pain, but he never let it stop him from being a friendly and loving pup. He was more than happy to approach anyone and only wanted love. If left untreated, he would surely have developed open sores and infections that could have taken his life much too soon. Luckily for him, he was finally going to get the care he’s always deserved.

Rescuers began the long and drawn out process of shaving him very carefully. They knew that he was likely in pain, and would not be happy about the grooming, even if it was helping him. They also had to be extremely cautious to not nick his skin and give him anything new to worry about.

Every time they removed a large section of mats, they revealed more and more dirt and grime that had been trapped against his skin. They were forced to give him multiple baths and even resorted to using garden shears to remove some of the matting.

Kyo waited patiently to be free of his hell and didn’t fight them really. When they removed the huge mat from his head and neck, you could tell that a huge weight had been lifted, as he immediately began to perk up and knew that everything from here on out was sure to be great!

By the time he was completely clean and safe, Kyo was more than happy to reveal his true Poodle self! While no one would have guessed that there was a poodle mix hiding under all that fur, it’s very clear that’s what he is from the first moment you see him free. Kyo is certainly one pup who is getting what he deserves.