Kyro’s Life Was Saved By A Caring Woman. When She Needed Help, He Stepped Up To Save Her Life

November 13, 2017

The relationship between a woman and her dog is one of the most magical and amazing bonds in the world. They give each other strength and companionship that helps them handle the day to day world. With each other by their sides, they can brave anything and everything to come, without fear or hesitation, saving each other when they need it. One pup named Kyro saved his owner’s life when she needed it the most.

Amanda lived with her boyfriend in Washington, where she was abused. Her boyfriend would often leave her with black eyes, and bruises. Sadly, this once happy and social woman began to believe the lies of her abuser, and feel that she deserved the horrific treatment.

Amanda’s life changed for the better when she heard of a litter of ten puppies who had been abandoned by their mother and needed someone to care for and raise them. She stepped in, raising young Kyro, as the bond between them grew stronger every day. The two formed a bond so deep and strong, that nothing would separate them.

As Kyro grew, Amanda took solace in her loving dog, crying into his fur when the abuse grew too bad or taking him for long walks to get a temporary escape from the horror. Amanda stayed with her abuser, accepting the cruelty he dished out on her in exchange for her empty promises of love. She stayed, until one horrible day that would change it all for them.

Amanda’s boyfriend grew angrier at the interference of the dog in their daily life, disliking how much attention Amanda gave him. One horrific day, his anger finally boiled over, and he hit Kyro in the face. The punch threatened Kyro’s glacier blue eyes. This was the moment that Amanda finally realized that her boyfriend was wrong and that it was wrong of him to treat her or Kyro that way.

Kyro and Amanda overcame the abuse together, drawing strength from each other. Amanda saved Kyro as a young puppy, and now it seems, it was his turn to pay her back. Nowadays, Amanda and Kyro spend every day together that they can, and love to go camping. Amanda does photography professionally, and her main subject, of course, is Kyro. The two of them are bonded together now in a way that is unbreakable, and there's nothing that will come between them. We’re sure that there are many happy days to come.

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