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Lacey Dunkin Went From Being a Single Woman to Mom of 6 Overnight. Her Reason Behind This Huge Life Change Will Deeply Move You

December 30, 2016

Lacey Dunkin was a single woman going about her life as usual. Almost overnight, everything changed for her. She was now the mother of not one but SIX girls.

She chose to adopt these beautiful girls so that the wouldn't have to be separated because they are all biological sisters. "I didn't even consider not keeping them," Lacey said in an interview.

Meet Sophia, Natalie, Melanie, Kaylee, Lee and Cecily.

After Lacey became certified to adopt in 2011, she immediately received and emergency call to see if she would foster four sisters. She automatically felt compelled to say yes to the need.

Nine months later, their biological mother regained custody. Naturally, Lacey's heart was broken because she had grown to really love and adore these sweet girls.

Their mother reached out to Lacey not long after and asked if she would be willing to adopt all six of her children - the four that Lacey had previously fostered along with two younger ones.

Lacey said YES and hasn't looked back ever since!

"It is an honor to be their mother. They melt my heart."