Lady Discovers Puppy In Trash Bag. Watch How This Sad Beginning Turns Into A Beautiful “Happily-Ever-After”

October 13, 2017

I believe that everything happens for a reason even though, at the time, we may be unsure of the rhyme, reason, or purpose. You will find out very shortly that this story is one of those times when destiny steps in and takes a horrible situation and turns it into a beautiful happy ending. The story begins like any typical morning would for this lady as she heads to work. The only difference is she decides to drive down a "little back road" that is a bit faster than her normal route. All of a sudden, a black trash bag appears on the side of the road. As she takes a closer look, she realizes the sack is moving.

Whether time permits it or not, she knows pulling over is the only option in saving whatever is trapped inside. As she walks over to the bag, she cautiously opens it and discovers that the live creature inside is a tiny, sweet puppy. Inside the bag looking up at her, the pup begins to wag his tail and explode with excitement. He is head-over-heels in love with his new friend and hero. Immediately, she starts to look him over just to make sure he isn't hurt; to her astonishment, the abandoned puppy is perfectly healthy.

Knowing that whoever left the puppy in the bag did not want him, she decides to take him home. Realizing they're a match made in heaven, her family becomes enamored with him, and they decide to keep the little pup and be his forever home. "Hefty," as they named him, now spends his days being spoiled; he continually receives hugs, kisses, and love from the whole family. Hefty, in return, is kind, loving, and affectionate to everyone around him. He was given a second chance, all because the lady decided to take a different path to work. What a wonderful “happily ever after” for this once powerless canine who became a fun-loving fur baby.

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