Last Surviving Ground Zero Search And Rescue Dog Gets The Best Day Of Her Life As A Thank You

August 09, 2017

September 11 was a horrible day for the United States, and we lost the lives of 2,996 people. More than 6,000 people suffered injuries that day as well. When people were lost in the rubble, heroes jumped into action to search for them. Search and Rescuers from all over the United States headed to New York to help. About 100 brave Search and Rescue Dogs also arrived and helped rescue people trapped in that hell.

Bretagne and her owner, Denise Corliss, were members of Texas Task Force 1 when September 11 happened and they deployed to help find victims. Bretagne searched tirelessly for victims and trapped, and helped comfort fire fighters too. BarkPost heard about Bretagne turning 16 years old and how she is the oldest known surviving search and rescue dog, and decided to reward her with her very own Dog’s Best Day.

Bretagne, Denise and Randy (her Dad), were all flown out to New York City for her birthday and celebration. They were greeted at the airport by a large limo, just for them! They rode in style to the hotel where they would be staying, 1 Hotel Central Park. The staff greeted them with applause and tons of petting for Bretagne!

They were escorted up to Bretagne’s suite where a comfortable bed, treats, and toys of all kinds awaited her! She just couldn’t wait for the treats! Then, Jams Restaurant sent her up a gourmet burger of her very own! Bretagne couldn’t wait to try it and didn’t mind her manners as she grabbed it from the plate - making everyone laugh! 

From there, it was time to head out on the town! Bretagne got to ride in a vintage New York Cab all day as she got to go see all the sights New York had to offer! They made a stop in Times Square, where a billboard had been put up to celebrate Bretagne’s 16th birthday and all that she had done for the city!

From there, they went to Hudson River Park where she got the large dog run all to herself! She got to play in the water fountains and act like a puppy again! After she got her fill of playing, she was awarded the Bone To The Dog Park - the dog equivalent to the Key To The City! Then she got to go back to the hotel where they had a party in her honor where she got her very own cake and even more treats and toys!

New Yorkers stopped them all day to thank her for service, and she was a big fan of the extra attention. Bretagne and Denise worked hard to help victims of the terror attacks, and I’m so glad we were able to honor their sacrifice.

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