Lay Out Your Old Cookie Tins And Grab Some Spray Paint. After You See The Result, You’ll Be Heading To Your Local Thrift Store For More!

September 20, 2017

In years past, you would likely see old cookie tins used for decoration. I know, for me, I had several family members that had them strategically placed in various locations throughout their homes. These tins always gave a quaint, humble, and cozy feeling to each abode. These days, you’d likely not see such items used as decoration. The fad has passed and cookie tins are simply a thing of the past. Many end up at thrift stores or garage sales.

The next time you see some available, don’t pass them up! Believe it or not, these played-out items can be refreshed in new and modern ways. With just a little bit of creativity, you can repurpose them in no time at all. With a new look, they can be used as gift boxes or simple storage containers. Feel free to jazz them up to your own personal liking!

To update the look of these tins, you’ll need some spray paint, a large piece of cardboard, super glue, a cookie tin, and decorative trinkets. First, lay your tins, face-down, on a large piece of scrap cardboard. Spray a few coats of spray paint on the tins and lids until you reach the desired look. Once they are completely dry, glue your trinkets atop the lid of the tin. Feel free to let your creativity run wild on this part, and decorate your tin however you please. After the glue has set, fill your revamped tins with whatever items you would like. It’s truly that simple. Check out the video, below, to see one woman’s take on this fun project!

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