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Lazy Dog Won’t Leave Comfortable Bed Until Mom Yells One Magical Word. Wait Till You Hear What That Is!

September 08, 2017

You’ve heard the phrase “Lazy as a dog.” Well, In this video, you’ll have the chance to witness one dog who’s truly enjoying his relaxation time. Max, an extremely happy Golden Retriever, is loving his leisure time on his mother’s bed. With no plans of moving from this warm comfortable mattress, he notices his mom walking into the room.

Walking to his bedside, she lovingly grabs Max’s paw and affectionately tells him it’s time to get up. The owner can tell by the look in the dog’s eyes that he is staying put, with no intentions of leaving. All at once, it becomes a playful game between a dog, his owner, and the battle of wills.


With a few tricks up her sleeve, she starts with a few magical words that would normally entice most dogs who are just lounging around. “Come on big baby, get off mommy’s bed.” “Let’s go.” “Treat.” Yet, to her dismay, nothing seems to do the trick.

Through all her efforts, Max stays in the same exact position. She even tries nudging his paw and patting her own leg while calling his name. Nothing seems to work.  


When it seems as though the fur baby has won this playful battle, the owner attempts one final ploy; the word “squirrel.” Max hear’s this magical word and immediately jumps up and off the bed, completely forgetting his once-comfortable state. Refocusing his attention, he quickly leaves the room, like on a mission, with bigger and better things in store for his future. This is something you’ll want to see for yourself!

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