L.D. Was Abandoned In A Cardboard Box On The Side Of The Road. Thanks To The Love Of His Family, He’s Overcome His Past

November 01, 2017

Little Dude, or L.D. as he’s commonly known, is a gorgeous Lab-mix living with his doting family in New England. They go on long walks together, savoring all the different sights and smells drifting through the air. In the Fall, he loves to go apple-picking with his devoted parents, appreciating the opportunity to get back into a more natural habitat.

L.D. wasn’t born into this family, or even into a loving family at all. L.D. was born down south, the result of an unplanned breeding between his Lab mother and mutt father. His mom’s owner never wanted him or his siblings at all, so when they were old enough to be weaned, he decided to get rid of them instead of finding them loving homes or even leaving them at a shelter.

L.D. and his siblings were abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of the road, where it was certain that nothing good would happen to them - being used as bait dogs by dog fighters or being picked up, on a whim, by people who wanted a dog and would soon grow tired of it. That’s assuming they were picked up at all and did not die a slow, horrible death on the side of the road.

Lucky for L.D. and his siblings, a rescuer stumbled across the box of adorable puppies and saved their lives. L.D.’s siblings found wonderful adoptive homes, but L.D. was very sick with multiple health problems that made it hard for him to find a home. L.D. was shipped up north to “For Dog's Sake” rescue in Manchester, New Hampshire, who helped him get healthy and made sure he’d never be abandoned again.

L.D. was soon adopted by his adoring family, where he is spoiled rotten. He has four beds of his very own, and countless blankets and toys! His extended family also love to dote on him, so he never has to fear a lack of love in his life. L.D. now spends his days cuddling up with his family on the couch, exploring the world, or playing with his canine friends any chance he gets! Even though the start of this precious pup’s life was full of uncertainty and fear, he was able to overcome it all thanks to the dedication of rescuers and his adoptive family.

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