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Leah "THE OVERCOMER" Is Fighting A Rare Blood Disorder. But, That Doesn't Stop Her From SINGING Her Heart Out! [VIDEO]

March 28, 2017

Four year old Leah Carroll was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder at a very young age. 

She learned to crawl and walk inside of a hospital.


The blood disorder Leah is fighting is called "Severe Congenital Neutropenia". The disorder makes it so bone marrow is unable to produce adequate white blood cells in Leah's body. 

One of Leah's first doctors says, "She has issues with just normal feeding, so she has required many different treatments". 

Because of all the procedures Leah has to endure, she is often very uncomfortable, bored and at times in pain. 

Because little Leah is unable to go out and do the things other 4yr. olds do, her mother Lyndsay began to search for songs that Leah would enjoy signing to; Lyndsay hoped that this would be a distraction for Leah from her circumstances. 

Leah's mom quickly found a song entitled "Overcomer" by gospel artist Mandisa and showed it to Leah; Leah LOVED the song and started signing it daily! 

Lyndsay was able to capture a video of Leah singing "Overcomer" and it instantly melted the hearts of anyone who watched it! 

When asked why she posted the video, Lyndsay replied, "The world needed some joy right now". Leave it to this little fighter to bring joy to all who see her video! 

The video even caught the attention of Mandisa herself! At her concerts, the artist encourages the audience to shout with her, "WE LOVE YOU LEAH!". 

After surviving two bone marrow transplants with "numerous side effects" Leah's Neutropenia is close to being cured! 

It is no wonder this little love has earned the nick name Leah "THE OVERCOMER"! 

Thank you little Leah for spreading your contagious joy to all of us!