Leave It To Your Kids To Tell Your Secrets: When Dad Picks Up Daughter From School, He Finds Out She's Told Her Teacher A "Dirty" Little Secret

October 03, 2017

As countless parents can confirm, children possess an incredible talent for causing them embarrassment. Sometimes their acts are deliberate (fits in the store/meltdowns, fighting with siblings, complete loss of all control at a restaurant, losing their mind cuz they don't get what they want). We've all been there.

Once in awhile, though, their comments are made out of pure innocence and lack of maturity. Many children have given away family secrets simply because they don't understand that what goes on at home does not need to be shouted in the streets, or they simply don't know what’s appropriate in a given situation.

Their interpretation of a situation can be innocent and oh-so-funny! For instance, one girl drew a picture of her mom at work. Can you imagine the horror when this mom opened up her daughter's backpack to find that she had declared that her mom was a stripper? Once it was all clear, I'm sure she was able to sit down and laugh about her daughter's innocence drawing. This mom has a great story to tell her future son-in-law about the time her daughter drew a picture of mommy "working." HA!

That leads us to this little girl’s interpretation of what's going on in her backyard. Well, when Dax Holt went to pick up his daughter Skylar, at school, he was confronted by the teacher. She wanted to discuss something Skylar had said at school that day. Apparently, Skylar had let her teacher in on the secret... they were growing weed at her house. WEED?! But wait.. here’s this little girl’s description of what "weed" is.

"Weed is not good for you because weed is stuff that is grass but it’s not grass because it’s weed.” Check out the video, below, to see Skylar explaining the "weed" situation to her dad. My favorite part of the video is when Dax asks Skylar, "Are we growing weed at our house?" Her answer is "Yeah! A lot of it?" Then she corrects herself, "Yeah. Just a little bit but it's gonna grow a lot." HAHAHA!!!

An innocent mistake by this cute little girl. Love how her dad handles this whole situation. Enjoy the video, below.

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