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Leg Ripped Off By Speeding Train, Dazed Dog Resists Rescue Efforts. Then They Try One Last Thing . . .

March 09, 2018

This one is tough to watch. When the rescue team from Animal Aid Unlimited receives the call about the dog who has been injured at the train tracks, they have no idea what they will find when they arrive. From the sounds of it, the animal has sustained a grave injury and needs their help right away.

Nothing can prepare them for what they discover when they arrive. There, huddled against a pillar, is a beautiful golden-haired female dog, licking her wounded leg that has been almost completely severed in the accident. Obviously traumatized and confused by what has just happened, she seems unsure of what to do.

Not wanting to spook her and cause her to injure herself further, the A.A.U. team gingerly approaches the dog. She is so traumatized by her injury that she doesn't realize that the men are there to help. Every time they get close to her, she backs away and hobbles helplessly away.

They try to win her trust with soothing words and enticing treats, but she resists every effort they make. He must get a little too close because, in spite of her pain, she gets up and, with a heart-wrenching yelp, limps just beyond his reach. Hopeful that they haven't lost her, they try once more to gain her trust.

It takes more time to capture her than they had hoped it would but, after chasing her all over the train yard, they finally corner the unfortunate animal. The team finally is able to get close enough to apprehend her. Ever mindful of the gaping wound, they gingerly wrap the girl in a blanket so they can transport her to their rescue vehicle for the trip to the emergency clinic.

The news is not good. Clearly in shock from the trauma and from having lost so much blood, the pup will have to be monitored for signs of improvement before she is strong enough to withstand the dangers of surgery to amputate her leg.

After several days, they decide they cannot wait any longer and perform the amputation.

With all the love and care she could possibly ever want or need, Florence makes an astounding recovery from her tragic and horrifying ordeal. They say time heals all wounds and, for this sweet girl, all her wounds, both physical and emotional, have faded into the past. Now, she has a future that any dog would envy.

Here at the A.A.U. sanctuary, our three-legged wonder will live out her days in the company of friends, both two-legged and four-legged, who will enrich her life and give her a beautiful reason to go on. Without the dedication and compassion of all the people at this wonderful organization, Florence would likely not have recovered.

She certainly would not have ever found such a fabulous reward as getting to spend her days running, playing, and savoring her newfound freedom, security, and friendships.

To see more about Florence's traumatic ordeal and uplifting transformation, watch the video, below.

*Warning: Video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers.

*Proceed with caution!

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