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Legendary Catfish Is No Match For Teen Fisherman - But What He Does Next Is What Has The Internet All Abuzz

April 04, 2018

Fishermen are legendary for their tales of historic catches, some true, some not, but all embellished just a little bit. If the fish was two feet long, it suddenly becomes three feet; if he fought it for ten minutes, it somehow turns into an hour when retelling it.

You know what I mean. Often, there are no witnesses to the feat, so that leaves the facts and details up to the discretion of the man who has made the conquest.

For one Tennessee teenager, having his mom there to record what happened to him saves him from having to endure incredulous looks and doubting smiles of those to whom he regales his achievement.

You see, Evan Austin was fortunate enough to make history one day and wants to make sure there is irrefutable evidence of the fact.

Evan was out fishing on the Tennessee River one afternoon, paddling about in his kayak, hoping to catch something for dinner. Little did he know when he set out that day that he was about to catch enough to feed his entire family...for a month!!

After he wrestles with this catch for awhile, he is able to get a good look at just exactly what he has hooked. And he has to do a double take before he can believe what he is seeing.

Both he and his mom are astounded at the size of the catfish on the end of Evan's hook and they can do nothing except laugh and exclaim, "Good-ness!"

When his mom asks, innocently, "Are you planning on eating that bad boy?" Evan replies in no uncertain terms, "I don't eat things that can eat me!" Good point, Evan. Good point!

When contemplating on the gargantuan dimensions of the critter whose fate lies in his hands, Evan makes the tough decision to release the big fish back into the waters of the Tennessee River.

Not only does his selfless act show great compassion for the living creature on the end of his line, but also demonstrates good sportsmanship by not robbing the rest of the fishing community of the chance to take a stab at hooking the gigantic fellow, too.

If you ask me, I think at least a small part of his verdict was based on other, less altruistic, factors - mainly, the fact that there was NO WAY he could ever get that fish into his boat! After all, it was nearly as big as the kayak he was sitting in and there was very little room for a fish of that size!

To see the entire story of Evan's big catch, watch the video, below.


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