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Legendary Country Music Artist’s Troubled Daughter Caught Amid Horrific Scandal, Now Facing Eight Years In Prison

June 26, 2018

Living in the shadow of a famous relative is never easy. There is always an understood pressure that comes alongside a lifestyle such as this, whether it be from the family member themselves, other family members, friends, or even the media.

One such scenario is that of the notorious Judd family. The Judds took the country music industry by storm when they made their grand debut in the 1980s. Naomi Judd and her daughter, Wynonna, were known for their fiery red hair and deep, iconic voices.

The duo signed with RCA Records in 1983 and together released six albums between their start and 1991. Some of their most notorious songs were “Love Can Build A Bridge” and “Mama He’s Crazy.”

Their songs of love, loss, heartbreak, and family took the nation by storm, making them some of the most memorable country artists in the industry’s history. Behind the dazzling smiles and larger than life personalities, deeper issues were hidden from the public’s eye.

In 2017, Naomi chose to break her silence and open up about some life-threatening personal struggles she was facing - severe depression.


“I didn’t get off my couch for two years. I was so depressed that I couldn’t move...My husband (Larry Strickland) and my girlfriends and Ashley would come over, and I would just go upstairs and lock the door to my bedroom...You become immobilized,” she painfully admitted.

Now, during the middle of the following year, more devastating news has hit the Judd family. This time, it’s with a younger generation.

Naomi’s granddaughter, Wynonna’s 22-year-old daughter Grace Pauline Kelley, has just been sentenced to eight years in prison at West Tennessee State Penitentiary. It has been reported that Kelley has been in and out of prison for the past couple of years due to several drug charges.

The family had hoped that after a court-ordered stay in a drug recovery program, she would finally have her troubled days behind her. Unfortunately, Kelley fell back into her old ways and violated her probation.


Now, the family must band together and support Kelley in the days and years to come. This is never the outcome one would want to hear, and the devout fans of the Judds are faithfully supporting and praying for the family during this difficult time.


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