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DIY Lego Coat Hanger

May 08, 2017

Ryobi Nation

Who doesn't like Lego's?  Who doesn't have a coat or two?  Last weekend I built a coat hanger for our laundry room.  Then I ran into this idea on one of my favorite DIY sites, Ryobi Nation.  

A Lego Coat Hanger!  I grew up with Lego's, so I think this will be just as much fun for me as it will be for my son.  

Below I will show you step-by-step instructions on how to make this quick and easy coat hanger.

Step 1

Cut down your 2x4 to the size you would like your coat hanger.  I have a table saw that would work great for a quick cut.  Even a miter saw would work well.  Once you've made your cut, sand the edges for a smooth finish.  Cut the dowel rod into 1/2" thick slices.  Sand these, as well, for a smooth finish.


Step 2

You can create any pattern of Lego pieces you want.  Just remember to leave space for the coat hooks.  Below is a picture of a sample of how you can space out your dowels.


Step 3

Once you have your pattern, on the back of the dowel pieces dot a small amount of wood glue and then nail them into place.  Make sure the nail is either flush with the dowel or sunken into the wood.  This way you can patch over the nails with putty and paint.  This should allow them to not be visible.  

Step 4

Once the dowels have dried, begin the process of painting the Lego's.  To ensure crisp edges, you can use painter's tape to divide each Lego.  Do one color at a time and allow it to dry before applying tape to paint the next Lego.  

For those hard to reach areas, you can use a small paint brush.  Once you have applied your first coat of paint, feel free to apply a second.  If you like how it turned out with just one, keep it!

Step 5

For those open areas, position your hooks to the desired height.  Screw the hooks securely on and you are now ready to mount it to the wall.

You can either use D-Rings and mount them on the back.  Or drill a few screws through the hanger to the wall and cover it up by placing the hooks over the screws.

With kids at home, I'm sure this will be a huge hit! Especially, if they are old enough to help with painting and glueing.