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Lego Gets In On The Royal Wedding Hysteria With An Incredible Replica Of The Big Event. Check It Out Here

May 09, 2018

Now I’ve seen everything! You know something is at the top of the pop culture scene when Lego makes a replica of it. Well, that’s exactly what the plastic block company has done in commemoration of the upcoming nuptials between England’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And it’s absolutely amazing!

The building block company has gone all out in creating several scenes from the long-anticipated Royal wedding, and they are not waiting for May 19th to unveil it. As of Tuesday, May 8th, the series of wedding scenes are on display for all to see at Legoland Windsor in Windsor, England.

Below, we can see Harry and Meghan "in their wedding finery" followed by a close-up of the entire royal family lined up to greet their loyal subjects. And it would not be realistic if the paparazzi weren't there to capture it all on film!

The name ‘Windsor’ should be familiar to anyone who has been following the real-life fairytale of Prince Harry and his American love because it is the location of the actual ceremony! Talk about authentic!

In the photos, below, we can see model maker Lucy as she places the final figure in the brand new model of Windsor Castle, complete with a brick tableau of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming wedding, on May 8, 2018. We also see LEgo's depiction of the enthusiastic spectators - complete with Union Jacks and lively crowds eagerly awaiting a glimpse of the newly married couple.

According to NBC San Diego, the display is “a wedding fit for a Lego royal! Legoland built a new, permanent model of the Windsor Castle, complete with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in wedding duds, to celebrate the royal nuptials slated to take over London on May 19.“

How adorable is the miniature of Harry and Meghan ensconced inside their royal carriage for their historic ride through the Windsor grounds?

Seeing this amazing work of art has made us even more eager for the real thing (if that's even possible) in just a few days' time, although I have to admit that the actual wedding will have a difficult time living up to this detailed preview.

Leave it to Lego to leave no stone unturned in bringing all the magic of the big event to life - all in tiny plastic bricks! Just for fun, take a peek at William and Kate's Royal Wedding - through the eyes of Lego - in the video, below!


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